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About Us

Why Sambad Kalika ?

From commoners to connoisseurs. Sambad Kalika epitomizes people’s trust.

Ever-increasing circulation indicates appreciation of unalloyed news.
Tasteful presentation of news and views.

Every Sunday a colorful tabloid.
Only Daily runs by professional journalists, first of its kind in the state.

Enjoy its endeavor through readers of different walks of life for the professional approach and methodical recipe which the newspaper follows in making news and analysis. Proves gratify the needing aspects of its vast rural and urban readers of the state and outside.

Govt. of Orissa has already declared this daily as big category Newspaper by giving ‘A’ Grade status. About Bureau of Circulation Mumbai (ABC) the highest certifying Agency has certified this Daily.

And finally,
Unbelievably priced at Rs.2 per copy!